Simone Young The Conductor

An exciting, informative and amusingly written portrait.
Münchner Abendzeitung, 1 March, 2007

The differentiated portrait of an absolutely committed musician.
Die Welt, 12 October, 2006

Very effective, multi-facetted, it elegantly avoids any glorification.
Das Opernglas No. 12/2006

An entertaining piece.
Hamburger Morgenpost, 12 October, 2006

Influenced by the nature of their topic, biographies of artists often tend to drift off into a flowery chronological style. The filmmaker Pleger escapes this danger by using textual flashbacks, pan shots and cutaways.
Hamburger Abendblatt, 12 October, 2006

Ralf Pleger selects a fluent, readable narrative form and cleverly mixes in the original sound of Young and her colleagues, just as one would do in a radio broadcast. It becomes particularly interesting when they talk about pure craftsmanship, the répétiteur as an illusionist and the instinct of those who have to keep everything in mind while dealing with excerpts.
Fono Forum, 13 February, 2007

It is obvious in Pleger’s composed and rewarding description, which also includes numerous citations and which is partly published as an interview booklet, how Simone Young has personally and artistically developed. It becomes clear that she has a gift for languages and a great deal of common sense. She also willingly discusses her weaknesses.
Festspielnachrichten Bayreuth 2007

Ralf Pleger has impressively portrayed Hamburg’s Chief Music Director Simone Young.
Kieler Nachrichten, 21 February, 2007

Ralf Pleger writes quite fluently, but with a scientific accuracy… He avoids showing off his expert knowledge by not taking things for granted that the reader, in fact, might not be familiar with… By interchanging the continuous and thoroughly structured texts with the direct speech of the interview partners (which is often extended to a dialogue through compilation), he creates the mosaic of a personality which is not only seen as charming but also occasionally as difficult. One receives a fairly objective picture of a musician who calls herself a “workaholic” and whose work has been defined from the beginning by an insatiable curiosity.
Opernwelt, June 2007

Ralf Pleger made a film about Simone Young and extended the project to include a biography. One might expect, that he quickly threw together a written portrait of her, but, instead, the author has developed a well-readable, entertaining and yet informative study of the artist who was the first female conductor to break through “all the world’s glass roofs”.
Das Orchester, April 2007