Simone Young The Conductor

The conductor Simone Young is one of the most fascinating artists of the international music scene. She is at home in the world’s major opera houses and on the most significant concert podiums, and she has become a world-renowned Maestro in one of the last all-male bastions.
She came to Europe from her home country of Australia and raised eyebrows in Europe’s traditional cultural scene. She conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a real men’s club, and effectively dismantled the cliché people had of a Maestro. Today she is the Music Director of the Hamburg State Opera and celebrates one successful performance after the other.

Ralf Pleger approaches this extraordinary personality on the basis of numerous conversations with the artist and contemporaries. In so doing, the author provides insights into the imponderable international cultural scene and the difficulties of a career as a conductor - and he lets Simone Young do a lot of the talking, as she vividly describes her work, her personal experiences and her enthusiasm for music while adding a number of colorful anecdotes.